Our main faculty training model focuses on both what we teach (i.e. the content for that particular course) and how we teach. The model includes four phases: online training, in-person workshop, inaugural course co-taught by all trainees, and home institution implementation. Read more about our main model here. We offer one faculty training per year and are currently in our third round of implementation. Our faculty training model has trained faculty in the following courses:

  1. Quantitative methods for monitoring and evaluation
  2. Methods for data management with software application
  3. Complex survey analysis (currently ongoing)

In addition to the faculty training program, we offer support for individual courses offered at our partner institutions. For example, in 2019 we supported the University of Rwanda ACE-DS program to offer the short-course “Introduction to Conducting Simulations in R.”

Prior to the faculty training model we focused on providing individual, biostatistical content training to fellows at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. You can read more about the prior model here.