M&E Workshop Orientation at HSPH in Boston

The week-long Orientation Workshop took place from 04-08 December 2017 at HSPH. The purpose of this orientation was not to teach the course to the Fellows, all of which are graduate-level public health academicians with training in statistics; rather, the goal was to introduce the fellows to the course, the course materials, and new pedagogical tools. A secondary goal of the program was to create an international cohort instructors at the various ARISE institutions that could lean on each other for professional support.


A workshop schedule was developed (images at left) with these goals in mind. The particular course selected for Cohort 1 of the McGoldrick Program was Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation. Even though this course was originally designed to run for a quarter/semester, the administrative burdens of institutionalizing such a course was too great. Instead, the Program worked with the Fellows to develop a workshop that consisted of 40 hours of instruction to be delivered over five consecutive days. The experience of running this workshop would provide pilot data towards a strong institutional petition to institutionalize the course.

The materials provided to assist with the implementation of this course included

  • Lecture Videos
    The course instructor is to watch the videos as an example of how the content is delivered to students.
    In the instructor’s own delivery, they will adjust to meet the needs of their own students; for example, change examples or small anecdotes to things that are more relevant.
  • Practicum Materials
    Practicum is an opportunity for students to have hands-on interaction with the statistical content. The problems presented during the session are intended to be relatively simple, so that the focus is on understanding the concepts. Students will demonstrate their competence in the homework. Provided practicum materials consisted of
    videos exemplifying how a guided practicum can go, as well as
    worksheets and datasets to accompany the videos.
  • Homework
    While the instructional time of the week-long workshop is not long enough to also distribute homework, examples of possible homework assignments were provided. The goal of these assignments were to help students read, understand, reproduce, and write descriptive analysis summaries of a level similar to what would be found in a Demographic and Health Survey report.
A group photo of the first McGoldrick Professional Development Program cohort, during the Dec 2017 Program Orientation. From left to right: Prof. Bethany Hedt-Gauthier, Dr. Bidemi Yusuf, Mr. Muhammed Semakula, Dr. Sarah Anoke, Ms. Jesca Batidzirai, Prof. Marcello Pagano, Dr. Oleosi Ntshebe, Prof. Wafaie Fawzi, Dr. Candida Moshiro, Dr. Amon Sabasaba, Dr. Amare Worku.

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