Meng Yang

Research Fellow

Department of Nutrition

M.P.H. Quantitative Methods, Harvard School of Public Health

Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences, University of Connecticut

My primary research focuses on how lifestyle factors, like diet, are related to cancer development, particularly prostate cancer, and the molecular mechanisms. Much of the work is based on Physicians’ Health Study, Health Professional Follow-up Study, and Nurses’ Health Study. Currently I am working on:

  • Analyzing dietary factors and circulating fatty acids in relation to lethal outcomes among prostate cancer patients and the time effects of these contributors to disease progression
  • Examining pre- and post-diagnostic energy-balance factors (weight change, insulin index, blood biomarkers of adiponectin, c-peptide and IGF axis) in relation to prostate carcinogenesis
  • Evaluating the MYC expression enriched by high fat diet in human tumor tissue and lethal prostate cancer to validate findings in animal studies
  • Analyzing lifestyle patterns composed of diet, obesity, aspirin addition, and physical activity, time effect and metabolic biomarkers in relation to tumor angiogenesis and the mediation effect of tumor angiogenesis
  • Analyzing combined effects of tumor angiogenesis and Gleason grade in predicting prostate cancer mortality
  • Analyzing leukocyte telomere length and blood prolactin in relation to ovarian cancer risk in a pooled analysis of five cohorts

Professional Affiliation
American Association for Cancer Research
American Society for Nutrition