The mission of the Harvard Chan Mental Health Student Alliance (MHSA) is two-fold:

(1) To create an academic forum for all students to engage with relevant and current issues in public mental health research, practice and policy;

(2) To promote a positive and inclusive environment for student mental health at Harvard Chan.


(1) To provide a space where Harvard Chan students with an interest in public mental health can come together to support each other, improve their research and practice, and develop professionally;

(2) To connect across schools and departments with Harvard students, faculty, staff, and affiliates doing research and practice in the field of public mental health;

(3) To connect with other mental health-relevant organizations across Harvard’s schools and the wider Boston area;

(4) To advocate for more training for students interested in mental health at Harvard Chan;

(5) To promote student mental health including developing a culture of self-care, peer support, and institutional resources.

*Group membership is open to all students at Harvard Chan. The group invites participation in activities from students and faculty from other Harvard graduate schools and the College, as well as the wider community.

Some of our past lectures can be watched online:

Some of our recurrent initiatives include:

  • Four Your Mind, a weekly newsletter highlighting four moments in mental health (upcoming events, recent research articles, mental health in the news, and positive mental health tips).
  • Journal Club, a monthly academic forum examining interdisciplinary research related to positive health and wellbeing. Co-sponsored by the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness.
  • Student Needs Assessments (Spring 2017 + 2018), surveys by students for students about the current state of mental wellness at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Some relevant resources:

To learn more or get involved: