Training Opportunities

For prospective graduate students

PhD Program in Biological Sciences in Public Health

The PhD Program in Biological Sciences in Public Health trains students in basic biological sciences, epidemiology, and biostatistics, teaching them to discover the causes of disease and to translate these scientific insights into practices that improve global public health. Instructions for application to the PhD program may be found on the BPH web site.

Doctor of Science in Environmental Health

The SD program in the Department of Environmental Health trains students to apply cellular, integrative, or engineering approaches to studying problems in the environment, physiology, and public health. It is especially appropriate for students with backgrounds other than traditional biomedical sciences. To be considered for the SD program, application materials must be completed for the Harvard Chan School.  A summary of coursework and academic goals for an SD program is available.

New PhD Program in Population Health Sciences

Effective Fall 2016, the five separate Doctor of Science (SD) programs that have been previously offered by the School of Public Health (ScD in Environmental Health; ScD in Epidemiology; ScD in Global Health and Population; ScD in Nutrition; and ScD in Social and Behavioral) will no longer be offered to incoming students. Instead, prospective doctoral students who would like to train with faculty from the Department of Environmental Health should apply to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program in Population Health Sciences and choose Environmental Health as their Field of Study.

What is the new PhD program?
The new PhD in Population Health Sciences is offered under the aegis of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and is awarded by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Students in this program will gain broad, interdisciplinary knowledge in quantitative and qualitative methods of enquiry for understanding the health of populations, and developmental approaches to population health science. In addition, students will belong to one of the following Fields of Study associated with the departments of: Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Global Health and Population, Nutrition, or Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Through students’ explicit selection of the Field of the Study, the new PhD program will retain elements of the former Doctor of Science (SD) program including the ability to choose an “Area of Specialization” within any given Field of Study, while introducing new curriculum aspects including a rigorous program-wide methods course, training in scientific communication, and seminars providing a broad understanding of population health.

For further details on the new PhD program, please visit this website. It will be continually updated. Prospective doctoral students may also continue to browse the departmental websites for information on faculty expertise, research, and courses, which may assist prospective students in choosing a Field of Study.

What is the admissions process for this new PhD program?
Applications to the PhD Program in Population Health Sciences are due December 1, 2015. Information about the admissions process for this new PhD Program In Population Health Sciences may be found here starting soon. Applicants may wish to visit the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Admissions website for general information for prospective students.

For prospective postdoctoral fellows

Positions are available for postdoctoral fellowships for candidates with doctoral degrees (PhD, SD, MD, or equivalent) and suitable interests and experience. Please contact faculty members of interest directly.

Additional training opportunities include the Jere Mead Fellowship and the Joseph D. Brain Fellowship.