Generous gift from Nature’s Touch to further fund food safety research

Nature’s Touch recently joined our extensive network of industrial partners at the Harvard Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology. They are interested in developing novel solutions in the area of food safety. As a company that is at the forefront of the battle against foodborne pathogens, Nature’s Touch is aware of the challenges and the limitations of current antimicrobial technologies. Their keen interest in developing nanotechnology based antimicrobial solutions for food safety has led them to support our ongoing research in this area.

Their generous gift will be utilized to continue our pioneer work in this area and further develop the Engineered Water Nanostructures (EWNS) platform for food safety applications. EWNS have been demonstrated to be highly effective for inactivating foodborne pathogens. EWNS can be a powerful tool in the battle against foodborne disease and food spoilage of microbial etiology especially for organic fresh produce.  Our Center is grateful for this gift, which will support post doctoral fellowships and research into the development of nanotechnology based platforms for Food Safety applications, and welcomes the opportunity to work closely with an industry leader such as Nature’s Touch.