Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Join Forces and Establish a Research Initiative for Sustainable Nanotechnology

This initiative brings together scientists from NTU and Harvard to work on cutting edge applications and nano-EHS implications of nanotechnology with emphasis on green synthesis and safer-by-design approaches to pave the way to a sustainable nanotechnology industry. The initiative has launched 6 joined research projects in thematic areas.

A faculty/student/researcher exchange program has been established for this multidisciplinary, multi-institutional collaboration.   Thematic research areas of interest include “Sustainable Nano-Enabled Approaches in Agriculture and Food: Enhancing efficiencies across the “farm to the fork” while reducing Environmental Health and Safety implications: and  “Life Cycle Environmental and Health Risk Assessment of Nano-Enabled Products: Sustainable and “safer by design” approaches for Nanotechnology applications”.

The initiative is lead by co-directors Dr. Philip Demokritou (HSPH) and Dr. Kee Woei Ng (NTU) as well as a steering committee: Dr. John Spengler (HSPH), Dr. Joseph Brain (HSPH), Dr. Timothy White (NTU), and Dr. Chen Peng (NTU).

Additionally, the Initiative will be advised by its external advisory committee members: Dr. Flemming Cassee (RIVM), Dr. Julian McClements (UMass Amherst), Dr. Yaguang Luo (USDA), and Dr. Khiang-Wee Lim (NRF).

Initiative Website