Nano State

The NanoCenter researchers , Phil Demokritou, Joseph Brain and Georgios Pyrgiotakis were featured in a four page special story at the Harvard School of Public Health magazine. They discussed the impact of nano in the society and the importance of the center research. Further more they talked about the Engineered Water Nanostructures a novel, chemical … Continue reading “Nano State”

Harvard School of Public Health researchers develop technique to measure the quantity of engineered nanomaterials delivered to cells

Press Release in pdf Boston, MA— Thousands of consumer products containing engineered nanoparticles — microscopic particles found in everyday items from cosmetics and clothing to building materials — enter the market every year. Concerns about possible environmental health and safety issues of these nano-enabled products continue to grow with scientists struggling to come up with fast, … Continue reading “Harvard School of Public Health researchers develop technique to measure the quantity of engineered nanomaterials delivered to cells”

First High Throughput Genotox Assay

Nanomaterials are part of daily life. Although there is a wide range of methods to evaluate their potential toxic effects, there is no way to evaluate gene damage. Scientists at Harvard University in the School of Public Health in collaboration with the research Group of Bevin P. Engelward at MIT, have developed a screening assay to … Continue reading “First High Throughput Genotox Assay”

Research at the HSPH NanoCenter revolutionize sunscreens!

One of the main constituents of sunscreen is the ZnO particles. ZnO nanoparticles are sought out for UV-filter applications thanks to their inherent optoelectronic properties and are, therefore, broadly used today in cosmetics and polymers. Preliminary toxicological data, however, point out that they can induce significant DNA damage and genotoxicity due to their Zn2+ ion leaching. It … Continue reading “Research at the HSPH NanoCenter revolutionize sunscreens!”

New England Nanotechnology Association Breakfast

Please join us for our next meeting of the Massachusetts chapter of the New England Nanotechnology Association (NENA) to hear about some new developments in nanotechnology and nanotoxicology. We’ll enjoy a continental breakfast, spend a little time networking, and hear about these new developments and other topics of interest. There is no cost to attend, so please … Continue reading “New England Nanotechnology Association Breakfast”

Panasonic continues its support to our Nanocenter

During their visit a delegation from Panasonic headed by Mr. Oketa continued their financial support to the Center of Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology through a generous contribution to the Environmental Nanotechnology  postdoctoral Fellowship. The panasonic delegates that visited our center were Takemi Oketa, Mitsuhiro Sano and Yosuke Mizuyama. In the image above Prof. Demokritou receives the gift … Continue reading “Panasonic continues its support to our Nanocenter”

Researchers from our Center made it to the cover of the Enviromental Science: Nano

Phil Demokritou et al. published recently a high impact paper at the Enviromental Science: Nano a new Journal from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Environmental Science: Nano covers the benefits and implications of nano-science and nanotechnology on environmental health and safety, and the sustainable design, development and use of nanotechnologies. This includes design, applications, life cycle … Continue reading “Researchers from our Center made it to the cover of the Enviromental Science: Nano”

Joel Cohen Defended his Doctoral Thesis

On September 23, Joel Cohen defended  his doctoral thesis    on Nanotoxicology. Joel over the course of his studies published several peer reviewed papers, one book chapter and awarded one patent (with his coworkers). Join us in congratulating Joel Cohen for successfully defending his ScD thesis and obtaining his doctoral degree! Thesis Abstract: There is a great … Continue reading “Joel Cohen Defended his Doctoral Thesis”

New Publication by Georgios Pyrgiotakis

Georgios Pyrgiotakis et al. published one of the first attempts to quantify the effect of the protein corona in the nano-bio interactions. The work was carried out in collaboration with the Particle Technology Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Here is the abstract of the publication and the link to access it at … Continue reading “New Publication by Georgios Pyrgiotakis”

Just Announced: CytoViva Visit

The NanoCenter is very happy to host Cytoviva as they present their latest microscope (Cytoviva) that uses the so-called “hyperspectral imaging”, i.e. measuring the scattering profile of samples, and being able to distinguish cells, and different types of materials. Especially for studies of inorganic particles with cells, it offers several advantages because it is a “label-free” detection method. … Continue reading “Just Announced: CytoViva Visit”