Jiayuan Zhao

Short Bio

Dr. Jiayuan Zhao was a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health with Swiss National Science Foundation individual fellowship. Her research background and interest cover nanomaterial synthesis, physicochemical characterization, toxicology and potential applications.

Dr. Zhao has a bachelor degree in environmental engineering from China and a master degree in aerosol research from Clarkson University USA. After that, she accepted the offer from European Union Commission FP7 in the frame of the Marie-Curie program and completed her PhD study in Switzerland. Leading as well as collaborating, she has been involved in many projects, from aerosol samples characterization and health effects on human volunteers to the understanding of mechanisms of nanotoxicology.

Research Interests

My research interest is to better understand the nature and toxicity effects of nano-sized particles, combining aerosol physics, analytical chemistry and in vitro assessments. I am also interested potential nano-application.

Center Involvement

  1. Systems and methods for the physicochemical & toxicological characterization of emissions from electronic cigarettes
  2. Novel exposure and toxicological methods to define the end-of-life environmental health and safety implications of nano-enabled products

Selected Publications