Juan Beltran-Huarac

Previous Title and Affiliation

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Environmental Health
Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology


Short Bio

I received a doctoral degree in chemical physics. My area of expertise is on the development and implementation of innovative miniaturization strategies for synthesizing zero- and one-dimensional nanobuilding blocks for applications in MRI, biosensors, LEDs and LIBs. I joined Harvard as a postdoc and currently working on the synthesis of metal and metal oxide reference engineered nanomaterials, and the study of their physical, chemical and biological properties and their interactions in biological media for toxicology research. I have published 13 technical papers (most first-authored), four peer-reviewed proceedings (most first-authored) and one book chapter (first author).

Research Interests

  • Synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Stability of nanomaterials in suspensions
  • Property transformation of engineered nanomaterials in biological media