2020 Publications

  1. Touloumes GJ, Ardoña HAM, Casalino EK, Zimmerman JF, Chantre CO, Bitounis D, Demokritou P, Parker KK. Mapping 2D- and 3D-distributions of metal/metal oxide nanoparticles within cleared human ex vivo skin tissues. NanoImpact. 2020 Jan 6. 17:100208. doi: 10.1016/j.impact.2020.100208 [link]
  2. Carll AP, Salatini R, Pirela SV, Wang Y, Xie Z, Lorkiewicz P, Naeem N, Qian Y, Castranova V, Godleski JJ, Demokritou P. Inhalation of Printer-Emitted Particles Impairs Cardiac Conduction, Hemodynamics, and Autonomic Regulation and Induces Arrhythmia in Conscious Rats. Part Fibre. Toxicol. 2020 Jan 29. 17(1):7. Doi: 1186/s12989-019-0335-z. [link]
  3. Duan Y, Coreas R, Liu Y, Bitounis D, Zhang Z, Parviz D, Strano M, Demokritou P, Zhong W. Prediction of protein corona on nanomaterials by machine learning using novel descriptions. NanoImpact. 2020 Jan 16. 17:100207. doi: 10.1016/j.impact.2020.100207 [link]
  4. O’Connor BB, Grevesse T, Zimmerman JF, Ardoña HAM, Jimenez JA, Bitounis D, Demokritou P, Parker KK. Human brain microvascular endothelial cell pairs model tissue-level blood-brain barrier function. Integrative Biology. 2020 March 20. 12(3):64-79. doi: 10.1093/intbio/zyaa005  [link]
  5. Setyawati M, Singh D, Krishnan S, Huang X, Wang M, Jia S, Goh B, Ho CG, Yusoff R, Kathawala M, Poh TW, Ali NABM, Chotirmall S, Aitken, RJ, Riediker M, Christiani DC, Fang M, Bello D, Demokritou P, Ng KW. Occupational Inhalation Exposures to Nanoparticles at Six Singapore Printing Centers. Environmental Science and Technology. 2020 January 22. 54(4): 2389-2400. Doi: 10.1021/acs.est.9b06984 [link]
  6. Sohal IS, DeLoid GM, O’Fallon KS, Gaines P, Demokritou P, Bello D. Effects of ingested food-grade titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, iron (III) oxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles on an in vitro model of intestinal epithelium: Comparison between monoculture vs. a mucus-secreting coculture model. NanoImpact. 2020 January. 17:100209. doi: 10.1016/j.impact.2020.100209 [link]
  7. Bitounis D, Parviz D, Cao X, Amadei CA, Vecitis CD, Sunderland E, Thrall B, Fang M, Strano MS, Demokritou P. Synthesis and physicochemical transformations of size-sorted graphene oxide during simulated digestion and its toxicological assessment against an in vitro model of the human intestinal epithelium. Small. 2020 Mar 20. 1907640. doi: 10.1002/smll.201907640 [link]
  8. Khare S, DeLoid GM, Molina RM, Gokulan K, Couvillion SP, Bloodsworth KJ, Eder EK, Wong AR, Hoyt DW, Bramer LM, Metz TO, Thrall BD, Brain JD, Demokritou P. Effects of ingested nanocellulose on intestinal microbiota and homeostasis in Wistar Han rats. NanoImpact. 2020 Feb 28. 18:100216. [link]
  9. Heller DA, Jena PV, Pasquali M, Kostarelos K, Delogu LG, Meidl RE, Rotkin SV, Scheinberg DA, Schwartz RE, Terrones M, Wang Y, Bianco A, Boghossian AA, Cambré S, Cognet L, Corrie SR, Demokritou P, Giordani S, Hertel T, Ignatova T, Islam MF, Iverson NM, Jagota A, Janas D, Kono J, Kruss S, Landry MP, Li Y, Martel R, Maruyama S, Naumov AV, Prato M, Quinn SJ, Roxbury D, Strano MS, Tour JM, Weisman RB, Wenseleers W, Yudasaka M. Banning carbon nanotubes would be scientifically unjustified and damaging to innovation. Nature Nanotechnology. 2020 March 10. 15: 164-166. doi: 10.1038/s41565-020-0656-y [link]
  10. Wu Z, Shi P, Lim HK, Ma Y, Setyawati MI, Bitounis D, Demokritou P, Ng KW, Tay CY. Inflammation increases susceptibility of human alveolar epithelial cells to pneumonic nanotoxicity. Small. 2000963 [link]
  11. Parviz D, Bitounis D, Demokritou P, Strano M. Engineering two-dimensional nanomaterials to enable structure-activity relationship studies in nanosafety research. NanoImpact. 2020 April 18. 100226. [link]
  12. Xu T, Ma C, Aytac Z, Hu X, Ng KW, White JC, Demokritou P. Enhancing agrichemical delivery and seedling development with biodegradable, tunable, biopolymer-based nanofiber seed coatings. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2020 June 5. 8(25):9537-48. [link]
  13. Coyle JP, Derk R, Kornberg T, Friend S, Mercer R, Singh D, Stueckle T, Demokritou P, Rojanasakul Y, Rojanasakul L. Carbon nanotube filler enhances incinerated thermoplastics-induced cytotoxicity and metabolic disruption in vitro. Particle and Fibre Toxicology. 2020 August 12. 17:40. [link]
  14. Guo NL, Bello D, Ye Q, Tagett R, Chanetsa L, Singh D, Poh TY, Setyawati MI, Chotirmall SH, Ng KW, Demokritou P. Pilot deep RNA sequencing of worker blood samples from Singapore printing industry for occupational risk assessment. NanoImpact. 2020 Aug 13. 100248. [link]
  15. Yang Q, Keerthisinghe TP, Rou T, Tan J, Cao X, Setyawati MI, DeLoid G, Ng KW, Loo J, Demokritou P,   Fang M. A high-throughput method to characterize the gut bacteria growth upon engineered nanomaterial treatment. Environmental Science: Nano. 2020 Aug 20. in press. [link]
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  17. Cao X, Zhang T, DeLoid GM, Gaffrey MJ, Weitz KK, Thrall BD, Qian W, Demokritou P. Cytotoxicity and cellular proteome impact of cellulose nanocrystals using simulated digestion and an in vitro small intestinal epithelium cellular model. 2020 October 20. 100269. [link]
  18. Kumar P, Kalaiarasan G, Porter AE, Pinna A, Klosowski MM, Demokritou P, Chung KF, Pain C, Arvind CK, Arucci R, Adcock IM, Dilliway C. An overview of methods of fine and ultrafine particle collection for physicochemical characterization and toxicity assessments. Science of the Total Environment. 2020 Nov 6. 143553. [link]
  19. Coreas R, Cao X, DeLoid GM, Demokritou P, Zhong W. Lipid and protein corona of food-grade TiO2 nanoparticles in simulated gastrointestinal digestion. Nanoimpact. 2020 Nov 3. 100272. [link]
  20. Gonçalves J, Pipek LZ, Donaghey TC, DeLoid GM, Demokritou P, Brain JD, Molina RM. Effects of ingested nanomaterials on tissue distribution of co-ingested zinc and iron in normal and zinc-deficient mice. NanoImpact. 2020 Dec 5. 21: 100279. [link]
  21. Huang R, Vaze N, Soorneedi A, Moore M, Luo Y, Poverenov E, Rodov V, Demokritou P. A novel antimicrobial technology to enhance food safety and quality of leafy vegetables using engineered water nanostructures. Environmental Science: Nano. In press. [link]