‘Stars’ celebrate service anniversaries

Celebration with stars crowd

March 7, 2018 — Staff, faculty, and academic appointees reaching key milestones in their service at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health were honored at the 19th Annual “Celebration with the Stars” on February 28, 2018 in Kresge Cafeteria. Senior faculty and staff members expressed appreciation for the honorees who were celebrating 5, 10, 15, or more years of service at the School—all the way up to 45.

Chris Riley, 15-year honoree and producer of the infamous annual video, gets a round of applause

A special video featured photos of the honorees, and took the crowd on a trip back in time by highlighting the biggest stories and pop culture moments from 1973 through 2013.

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 Marge Dwyer

photos: Sarah Sholes

Faculty members Marie McCormick, second from left, and her husband Robert Blendon both celebrated their three-decade milestones