Addressing ‘massive disparities’ in global health

Stakeholders in the health sector, such as patients, drug manufacturers, health care providers, and policy-makers, often have conflicting needs and objectives—and this “misalignment” has led to significant waste, according to a new analysis co-authored by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers.

The white paper from the World Economic Forum, released December 16, 2016, contends that waste in the health sector contributes to “massive” disparities” that are “among the most jarring features of the contemporary human condition.”

The Harvard Chan School researchers were David Bloom, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography, Jessica Sullivan, assistant director of research, and Daniel Cadarette, research assistant, all with the Department of Global Health and Population.

The authors recommended a number of strategies for improving health and healthcare delivery around the globe, ranging from boosting digital health consultations to increasing public health education.

Read the white paper: Misaligned Stakeholders and Health System Underperformance