Atul Gawande, President Obama discuss future of medicine

Atul Gawande, professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management and executive director of Ariadne Labs, moderated a panel discussion with President Barack Obama on the future of medicine and health care innovation. The discussion took place on Thursday, October 13, 2016 as part of the White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh. Gawande and President Obama were joined by  Duke University neuroscientist Kafui Dzirasa, patient advocate and cellist Zoë Keating, and scientist and entrepreneur Riccardo Sabatini.

“The most significant aspect of the conference to me was that it was the first time I’d heard scientists widely recognizing that the frontiers of health involve not only breakthrough science and innovation for precision treatments but also follow-through science and innovation for precision delivery of those treatments, said Gawande. “As one person put it, ‘We have Star Wars science in a Flintstone health care system.’”

Watch the event below.