Helping underserved children in Pakistan

Anita Zaidi, SM’99, director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s enteric and diarrheal diseases program, and a pediatrician who gave up her career in America to employ her expertise in infectious diseases and child survival in her native Pakistan, discusses her far reaching career in a December 6, 2016 blog post written by pediatric gastroenterologist Sana Syed.

Pakistan has the third highest infant mortality rate in the world, according to the article.

“I would say that you have to be driven by the moral need to return to society the incredible privilege and luck that has come your way in your life, and ‘paying forward’ is the only way to make the world just, reduce inequality, and create opportunity for others, especially children,” Zaidi said.

“From the perspective of being a physician, global health researcher, leader in the field, woman and a role model I thought more people should know about her and her work,” wrote Syed, who was mentored by Zaidi while in medical school.

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