Philanthropic impact: “Just” gifts

Ellie Starr

Spring 2014 ]

One of the preoccupying challenges in ensuring the public’s health is the growing divide between rich and poor. This problem is portrayed vividly in our cover story about the devastating consequences on mind and body of the Great Recession of 2007–2009— adverse effects that are worsened by income inequality.

Unfortunately, at the very moment when public health research is most needed to tackle these challenges, there is less government funding for such research. It’s no coincidence that there’s also a shrinking pool of young women and men who can afford to enter the field of public health, because the profession is comparatively less remunerative.

How can we close these gaps? One of the best ways is through enlightened philanthropy. That’s why I am so inspired by the many contributors who have strengthened our research, teaching, and learning at Harvard School of Public Health. Through gifts large and small, our contributors not only fund research but also make it possible for students who are passionate about making things better around the world to study with our School’s preeminent faculty.

Philanthropy is the tool that can balance the scales of justice—so that every human being can enjoy a healthy life, with all its possibilities. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Ellie Starr,
Vice Dean for External Relations

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Photo: Kent Dayton / HSPH

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