Better Off: A new podcast from Harvard Chan School

How can we make our families, communities, and our world a little bit better during the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond?  That’s the question we’re asking on Better Off, a new podcast from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In each episode of Better Off, host Anna Fisher-Pinkert will introduce you to the people who are hunting down solutions to current public health challenges, and innovating to solve public health problems that we haven’t even imagined yet.

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Trailer Transcript

ANNA FISHER-PINKERT: The COVID-19 pandemic has put public health front and center in our minds. We’re learning, in real time, about “viral load,” “aerosol particles,” and “herd immunity.”

HOWARD KOH: Natural and unnatural threats, pandemics and otherwise are always on the horizon.

ANNA FISHER-PINKERT: But public health isn’t just about pandemics. It’s about mental health. . .

ARCHANA BASU: I mean, I used to call it an emotional marathon, now I call it an ultramarathon because we have no horizon in sight.

ANNA FISHER-PINKERT: . . . and environmental health

JOE ALLEN: The era has been defined by buildings that are no longer designed for people, as crazy as that sounds.

ANNA FISHER-PINKERT: It’s about how we eat, how we age, and even how we love.

ANTON CASTELLANOS USIGLI: There is so much shame and stigma around our sexuality.

ANNA FISHER-PINKERT: Public health is about the ways that our families, our communities and our world could be little bit better. And that’s what we’re going to explore on Better Off, a new podcast from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

I’m Anna Fisher-Pinkert. On Better Off, I’m going to introduce you to the people innovating to create public health solutions to the biggest problems we face today.

HOWARD KOH: The important thing to remember is that when prevention works, absolutely nothing happens is the miracle of a perfectly normal healthy day – and that’s what we need right now.

ANNA FISHER-PINKERT: Subscribe to Better Off wherever you get your podcasts. First episode coming soon.