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‘Road map’ for a stronger pandemic response

A new road map for living with COVID, produced by some of the most prominent national experts on the disease, emphasizes boosting indoor air quality, helping people with long COVID, and broadening the nation’s focus to other respiratory…

Opinion: Fix crumbling school infrastructure

School buildings are in desperate need of repair, particularly of their systems that manage indoor air quality, according to an opinion piece co-authored by Harvard Chan School's Joseph Allen.

Joe Allen’s focus on clean indoor air

A Science magazine profile of healthy buildings expert Joseph Allen described his research on how indoor air quality affects human health and cognition, his work advising companies on ventilation and air filtration, and his efforts during the pandemic…

Calculating COVID-19 risk

A new COVID-19 risk calculator developed at Harvard Chan School can help people understand the ways that masking, ventilation, filtration, and other factors can mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in indoor environments.

How an open window can make a classroom safer from COVID-19

A New York Times simulation shows how proper ventilation and filtration in classrooms can make schools much safer from COVID-19 transmission. The visualization was created with input from healthy buildings expert Joseph Allen of Harvard Chan School.