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A Better Insect Repellent

Abraar Karan, MPH ’17, wants to launch a long-lasting repellent in countries suffering from malaria and other vector-borne diseases.

Scaling Up Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Andrew Morris-Singer, MD ’07, and his husband Corey Morris-Singer, PhD ’12, and helping two centers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with key roles in confronting COVID-19 scale up their operations.

Healing the hurt

Physician John A. Rich, MPH ’90, reflects on what has he learned in the decade since publishing a pathbreaking book on trauma in the lives of young black men.

Launching a revolution

As California’s first surgeon general, Nadine Burke Harris, MPH ’02, is finding the roots of disease in childhood adversity and treating the long-term consequences.

Alumni Awards 2019

Three outstanding individuals nominated by their peers received the School’s highest honor at this year’s Alumni Award of Merit celebration.

The Translator

After a three-decade career as a physician, HIV/AIDS researcher, and policymaker, Lawrence Deyton, SM ’76, is bringing a public health ethos to medical education.