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Finally back on campus

To address remote learning challenges, a hybrid program brought international students back for weekly in-person classes in spring 2021.

Aging matters

Sneha Dutta, PhD ’21, wants to understand why individuals age differently and if there’s a way to counter old age’s harmful effects May 18, 2021–As a master’s student studying biology at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in…

The making of a disease detective

Samantha Giffen, PhD ’21, loves the thrill of discovery, in the lab and beyond May 6, 2021 – One day in 2014, Samantha Giffen sat in a small dark room at the New York State Department of Public…


Isha Nirola, DrPH ’21, works to improve health in communities long denied access to quality care.

Improving the Mexican diet

Alan Espinosa, SM ’22, is pursuing research into how food and lifestyle changes might improve health outcomes in Mexico.