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Thousands of new microbial communities identified in human body

Study sheds light on differences unique to individuals’ microbes For immediate release: September 20, 2017 Boston, MA – A new study of the human microbiome—the trillions of microbial organisms that live on and within our bodies—has analyzed thousands…

Harnessing data to improve health

We're now in the midst of a golden era of data. and scientists are constantly finding news ways to harness this information with applications across health care, the environment, commerce, urban planning, finance, and more.

A genome every 12 minutes

Conference on whole genome sequencing addresses advances in technology, ‘fake diseases,’ ancient DNA, and broad opportunities for human disease research November 22, 2016 -- In 2006, in the early days of whole genome sequencing, the sequencing platform at the…

Your phone knows how you feel

In this week's episode: How Donald Trump's victory will likely affect health care in America, plus how researchers are mining smartphone data to improve health.