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Allergies are getting worse with climate change

Experts say that climate change may be leading to worse pollen allergy seasons, as trees and plants such as ragweed are producing pollen sooner because warmer weather is starting earlier in the year.

Building a stronger CDC

The CDC should clarify its mission, improve leadership and accountability, and boost operational capabilities, a report finds.

Following healthy lifestyle may reduce risk of long COVID

Women who followed most aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including healthy body weight, not smoking, regular exercise, adequate sleep, high quality diet, and moderate alcohol consumption, had about half the risk of long COVID compared with women without…

Preparing for the next public health emergency

Developing life-saving vaccines, directing funding toward pandemic preparedness, building collaborations between public and private entities, and ensuring strict and efficient regulation will all be needed to prepare for future health emergencies, said Harvard Chan School's Kizzmekia Corbett at…

Report makes the case for new TB vaccines

Investing more financial resources to accelerate scientific progress toward an effective tuberculosis vaccine will save lives, fight antimicrobial resistance, advance health equity, improve economic growth, and bring a substantial return on investment, according to a new report.