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Guns & Suicide: The Hidden Toll

[ Spring 2013 ] Survivor profiles "He was struggling with nightmares." Emily Frazier's 21-year-old husband, Ryan Frazier, shot himself with a semiautomatic in November 2008, soon after bringing a lawsuit against a priest who had molested him during his teenage…

Guns & Suicide: The Hidden Toll

[ Spring 2013 ] Special Report by Madeline Drexler, Editor, Harvard Public Health There’s a gas station maybe a five-minute drive away from us, and the gas station sells guns. I didn’t realize places like that existed. Ryan just walked…

Soda and violence

Article in Harvard Magazine, November-December 2012 issue, featuring HSPH’s David Hemenway

Painting the big picture on a Navajo reservation

November 1, 2012 -- Once upon a time, Anne Newland wanted to go to film school. But because life unfolds with its own logic, she instead became a doctor with the federal Indian Health Service (IHS). And shaped…