Reflections on a Pandemic Year

Students, faculty, staff ponder a strange, challenging year like no other

When the Harvard Chan School community left campus in March 2020, many thought they’d be away for a week or so. Little did anyone know most would be spending months learning, teaching, and working from dining rooms, bedrooms, even closets. Click on the videos below to view some takeaways from our community.

When we get back to work, I’m hoping we still have that sense of community

Robin Glover, Associate Dean for Student Services

She was always asking, when is it going to go away?

Kwabena Fosu Lartey, MPH ’21

Learn from the mistakes, look at the good, and see how we can build a better future

Winnie Yip, Professor of the Practice of Global Health Policy and Economics, Department of Global Health and Population

I don’t want to do it again

William Mair, Associate Professor of Molecular Metabolism, Department of Molecular Metabolism

Extraordinary stories of our capacity to change and to innovate

Archana Basu, Research Scientist, Department of Epidemiology

All of us to an extent became numb to the amount of deaths that are happening

Austin Marshall, MPH ’21

I hope we never forget that it happened

Noah Rosenberg, MPH ’21

As a researcher, it’s exhausting

Marcia Castro, Andelot Professor of Demography and Chair, Department of Global Health and Population

It hit close to home

Amarildo “Lilu” Barbosa, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Officer

Not being able to interact with people was definitely tough

Ilia Maldonado, Senior Human Resources and Events Coordinator

It was the beginning of hope

Danny Beaudoin, Director of Planning and Facilities

How do we build social cohesion when there’s so much distrust?

Amanda Taffy, DrPH ’21