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Chronic stress takes a toll on the young

For very young children, growing up in a chronically stressful situation can lead to difficulties in school and poor health later in life, new research suggests. To offset these by-products of “toxic stress” in the most at-risk children, [[Jack Shonkoff]] of Harvard…

Investing in America’s youngest children key to lifelong health

A new report urges a stronger focus on improving socioeconomic conditions in the U.S. as a way to improve health—especially among low-income Americans. Issued by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Commission to Build a Healthier America, the report recommends investing in the…

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon extremely vulnerable

A new report released by Harvard’s FXB Center for Health and Human Rights on January 13, 2014 documents the dire conditions faced by Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Released in conjunction with a United Nations-sponsored donor conference on Syria taking place in…

Sugary drinks

May 2012 -- Most people now know that drinking soda increases obesity. But did you know that taking soda out of schools can have far-reaching effects? Watch this video to find out how.

Life and death

From Infographic: Then and now Sources: Life expectancy then: No. HS-16, Expectation of Life at Birth by Race and Sex: 1900 to 2001. Historical Statistics, 2012 Statistical Abstract. U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved from and now: Murphy, B.S., SL; Xu, M.D., J; and Kochanek, M.A., KD. Expectation…

The Curley School

May 2012 -- The kids at Boston’s Curley K-8 School aren’t just learning about healthy food in the classroom—with the help of Harvard School of Public Health, they’re loving it in the lunchroom. Watch this video to see what a difference a…

Video: Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine what our lives would be like without the help of public health? These adorable kids certainly can—and it’s not pretty.

Imagine a healthier world

May 2012 -- This video looks at some of the cutting-edge work being done by Harvard School of Public Health nutrition researchers to help people everywhere live healthier lives. See how their efforts are changing our very understanding of what’s healthy –…

Reducing meal waste in schools: A healthy solution

January 2013 – How can schools provide healthy meals that kids will eat? HSPH research fellow Juliana Cohen talks about efforts to help schools reduce costly food waste by preparing meals that are both nutritious and tasty.