Topic: nutrition

Our plate

May 2012 -- Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Plate differs in important ways from the U.S. government’s MyPlate. Watch this video to see how using our plate to guide your diet can make your whole family healthier.

Sugary drinks

May 2012 -- Most people now know that drinking soda increases obesity. But did you know that taking soda out of schools can have far-reaching effects? Watch this video to find out how.

The Curley School

May 2012 -- The kids at Boston’s Curley K-8 School aren’t just learning about healthy food in the classroom—with the help of Harvard School of Public Health, they’re loving it in the lunchroom. Watch this video to see what a difference a…

An ounce of prevention

May 2012 -- White rice is loved the world over—but too much of it is linked to skyrocketing rates of diabetes. Watch this video to see how ambitious interventions by Harvard School of Public Health researchers are making diets much healthier all around…

Video: Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine what our lives would be like without the help of public health? These adorable kids certainly can—and it’s not pretty.

Imagine a healthier world

May 2012 -- This video looks at some of the cutting-edge work being done by Harvard School of Public Health nutrition researchers to help people everywhere live healthier lives. See how their efforts are changing our very understanding of what’s healthy –…

Eating nuts may lengthen lives

Eating a small handful of unsalted nuts seven or more times a week may reduce risk of death by 20%, according to a new study co-authored by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers. Even just a once-weekly serving of nuts reduced…

Genetic variants associated with vitamin B12

For immediate release: September 7, 2008 Boston, MA - Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and their collaborators at Tufts University and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have identified a common genetic influence on B12 vitamin levels in the…

Diet, lifestyle, and long-term weight gain

June 2012 -- Dariush Mozaffarian, Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, reports findings from his recent study concerning different foods and beverages that possibly lead to long-term weight gain.