Presentation Slides

Panel 1

Mia Harbitz: “Getting it right from the start:The foundations of national identification system PDF
Bronwen Manby: “Legal foundations of national identification systems in Africa” PDF


 Panel 2

Robert Palacios: “National IDs in a developing country context with a focus on Africa” PDF
Ajay Bhushan Pandey: “Aadhaar: Empowering a billion Indians” PDF
Ian Watson: “The Icelandic kennitala” PDF

Edgar Whitley: “Perspectives on identity numbers and cards: Privacy and digital innovation” PDF


Panel 3

Deborah Rose: “The Dataset and the National ID Number” PDF

Ryan Seals: “Epidemiologic research in Danish registries” PDF

Panel 4

Nisha Agarwal: “IDNYC” PDF
Mariana Dahan: “Making everyone count” PDF
Tilman Ehrbeck: “Financial inclusion: An industry user’s perspective on eID” PDF