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Visit the following links for educational resources derived from Center research and outreach, as well as some outside resources.

◊ Dorchester Book

◊ Handouts and Posters

◊ Video & Multimedia

◊ Links to Other Resources


Dorchester Book

Dorchester Book
Originally developed for the 2012 NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Core Center Meeting, this informational booklet on the neighborhood in Dorchester was updated in Fall 2012 in a collaboration with the community group GreenDorchester. It contains information about the demographics, built environment, health concerns, and community activism in Dorchester, with a central focus on air quality and asthma.

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Handouts and Posters

From the Harvard Six Cities Study to a Six-Station Clean Air Fair Poster

Got Air? Healthy Airways Handout [NEW]

Peak Flow Charts for Children and Adults

Smoking Damage Handout

Sun Damage Handout

CAF Sunscreen Cards

Set-Back Coloring Page

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Video & Multimedia

Presentations by Center Members on their environmental health research. (View full listing)

Air Quality Videos
Do you know how air pollution impacts your health? These videos, designed for community members and featuring research by Drs. Douglas Dockery, Jonathan Levy, and John Godleski, help answer that question. (View videos)

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Links to Other Resources

Environmental Health Perspectives Podcasts (View full listing)
Join some of environmental health science’s foremost researchers as they discuss the motivation and vision behind their research as well as the implications for human health.

New England Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) (Visit site)
PEHSU provides consultation, care and education to address pediatric environmental health concerns throughout New England.

Partnering Organizations (View full listing)
Check out our funding organization, the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), as well as our partnering organizations.

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