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Our outreach programs for the community focus on translating environmental health research, particularly about air quality and asthma, for laypeople in the community. We use a variety of activities to provide research translation, and also actively encourage local Boston youth to pursue careers in health.

◊  Hands-On Outreach Activities

Air Quality Videos | APRIL® Face Aging Software | Combustion LEGO® | Inflatable Lungs | Peak Expiratory Flow | “Set-back” Coloring Page

◊  Summer Internship Site with Boston Public Health Commission

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Hands-On Outreach Activities

Our hands-on engagement activities aim to teach the general public about pulmonary and cardiovascular health. We bring these demonstrations to a variety of community events throughout the year, along with a team of Center researchers and trainees. We are currently expanding our offerings to include education on health factors for asthma, obesity, and the connection between the two.

For more information, or to include one or more of our activities in an upcoming event, contact Ann Backus.

particles225Air Quality Videos
Do you know how air pollution impacts your health? These videos, designed for community members and featuring research by Drs. Douglas Dockery, Jonathan Levy, and John Godleski, help answer that question. (View videos)

SmokingOnly[5]APRIL® Face Aging Software
How do the choices you make today — like smoking and sunbathing— affect the way you will look in 30 years or more? We can show you, with our APRIL® Face Aging Software demonstration.

MIT LEGOCombustion LEGO®
Developed by the MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences, this activity uses ordinary LEGO® bricks to model the chemical reactions of complete and incomplete combustion—one of the sources of air pollution—in a way that is easy to understand.

lung220Inflatable Lungs
Just what exactly does cigarette smoke do to your lungs? Inflate and touch real lungs to see and feel the difference between a healthy lung and a cancerous lung, and learn how to keep your lungs healthy.

Peak Expiratory Flow
Test the health of your airways with a peak flow meter and compare your score to a target range based on age, height, and gender. Then, chart your score to see how you compare to other people in your own community.

“Set-back” Coloring Page
How can you protect yourself and your kids from exposure to traffic pollution? This coloring page is an easy way to help kids—and adults too!—visualize how they should play as far away from roads as possible.

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Summer Internship Site with Boston Public Health Commission

BPHC_logoThe Boston Area Health Education Center (BAHEC) of the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) aims to diversify the pool of health professionals in Boston by increasing middle and high school students’ awareness of health professions, and public health issues and concepts. Part of these efforts is a Youth to Health Careers (Y2HC) Summer Enrichment Program, a 5-week intensive program HSPH_Shield_300for high school students. The Harvard-NIEHS Center is in it’s sixth year of serving as an internship site for high school students. Students interested in applying to the program for future summers should contact BAHEC directly by emailing or calling (617) 534-5258.

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Get to Know our Researchers

Our NIEHS Center’s Profile is a searchable database of our Members and their publications, grants and collaborations.  Explore by member name or by topics (keywords).  For each Center member you will find grants, publications, concepts and co-authors within the Center.

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To learn how you can be part of our Community Engagement,
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