Videos – Center Research Presentations (4th Wednesdays)

Oct 25, 2023 [Recording Available Here]

Kari C. Nadeau, MD, PhD

“Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change”

Sept 27, 2023 [Recording Available Here] [Powerpoint Slides]

William Kessler, MS

“Utilizing geospatial data resources at the NIEHS Center, Harvard, and beyond”

April 26, 2023 [Recording Available Here]

flyerKatherine von Stackelberg, ScD

“Biodiversity Metric to Support Decision-Making Following COP15”


February 28, 2023 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerLongxiang Li, ScD

“Assessing Exposure and the Health Effects of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development”


January 25, 2023 [Recording Available Here]

flyer Lidia Mínguez Alarcón, PhD

“Chemical, non-chemical stressors and reproductive health: the EARTH study”


October 25, 2022 [Recording Available Here]

flyerNicholas Nassikas, MD

“Climate, Air Pollution, and Pollen: Influence of environmental exposures on childhood respiratory health”


Sept 27, 2022 [Recording – Harvard Key protected]

FlyerApple Women’s Health Study

  • Elizabeth Gibson: “COVID-19 vaccination status and menstrual cycle length in the Apple Women’s Health Study”
  • Huichu Li: “Variation in menstrual cycle length by age, race/ethnicity, and body mass index: Findings from the Apple Women’s Health Study” 

July 27, 2022 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerHui Hu, PhD

“Methodological Challenges in Spatial and Contextual Exposome – Health Studies” 


June 22, 2022 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerCrystal North, MD, MPH

“Does HIV modify the influence of air pollution on lung disease? A cohort study in Uganda” 


April 27, 2022 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerShruthi Mahalingaiah, MD, MS

“Physiological approach to study design for understanding the associations between environmental exposures and ovulation disorders”  


March 23, 2022 [Not Recorded]

FlyerKris Sarosiek, PhD

“How dynamic regulation of cell death controls health and disease”  


February 23, 2022 [Not Recorded]

FlyerAdam Haber, PhD

“Towards healthy homes for all: Geospatial analysis of asthma can identify dangerous indoor exposures city-wide” 


January 26, 2022 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerQi Sun, MD, ScD

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and cardiometabolic conditions in humans” 


October 27, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

Peter James, ScD, MHS

“Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Novel Approaches to Understanding How Exposure to Nature Influences Human Health” 


September 21, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerWanda Phipatanakul, MD, MS

“Community and Precision-Based Approaches to Reduce and Prevent Asthma Disparities”  


July 14, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerChris Golden, MPH, PhD

“A review of planetary health field research in Madagascar and the South Pacific”  


June 23, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

flyerAaron Specht, PhD

“Desktop XRF as a novel tool for exposure assessment”  


April 28, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerTamarra James-Todd, PhD

“Environmental Chemical Exposures and Women’s Health across the Life Course: An Issue of Environmental Reproductive Justice” 


March 24, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

flyerBernardo Lemos, PhD

“Old and New Markers of Aging”


February 24, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerMaitreyi Mazumdar, MD, MPH

“Work in progress: Story-telling and the arsenic epidemic in South Asia”


January 27, 2021 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerJin-Ah Park, PhD

“The airway epithelium in health and disease: Beyond the barrier”


October 28, 2020 [Recording Available Here]

FlyerDouglas Brownfield, PhD

Investigating Lung Repair at Single-Cell Resolution”

David Christiani, MD, MPH, MS

Molecular Epidemiology of Acute Lung Injury”

September 23, 2020

Zachary Nagel

“Measuring DNA Repair in Immune Cells to Understand Susceptibility to Environmental Exposure”