Causal Effects of Air Pollution on Mortality Rate in Massachusetts.

Author(s): Wei Y, Wang Y, Wu X, Di Q, Shi L, Koutrakis P, Zanobetti A, Dominici F, Schwartz JDJournal: Am J EpidemiolPMID: 32558888 November 2020
Air pollution epidemiology studies have primarily investigated long- and short-term exposures separately, have used multiplicative models, and have been associational…

Identification of novel loci associated with infant cognitive ability.

Author(s): Sun R, Wang Z, Claus Henn B, Su L, Lu Q, Lin X, Wright RO, Bellinger DC, Kile M, Mazumdar M, Tellez-Rojo MM, Schnaas L, Christiani DCJournal: Mol PsychiatryPMID: 30120420 November 2020
It is believed that genetic factors play a large role in the development of many cognitive and neurological processes; however,…

Paternal mixtures of urinary concentrations of phthalate metabolites, bisphenol A and parabens in relation to pregnancy outcomes among couples attending a fertility center.

Author(s): Mínguez-Alarcón L, Bellavia A, Gaskins AJ, Chavarro JE, Ford JB, Souter I, Calafat AM, Hauser R, Williams PL, EARTH study team.Journal: Environ IntPMID: 33069985 October 2020
Few epidemiologic studies have evaluated the impact of paternal environmental exposures, particularly as mixtures, on couples' pregnancy outcomes.