Research at our Center focuses on three major environmental exposures – metals, organic chemicals and particulates – and aims to illuminate the pathways by which these environmental exposures cause health effects.

Research Cores

Our Metals, Organic Chemicals, and Particles Research Cores bring together investigators from a range of disciplines and departments throughout Harvard and at neighboring institutions to examine environmental health questions at all levels from the molecular to human populations. The Cores promote integration and collaboration through a variety of activities including seminars and symposium, invited speakers, working groups, and pilot projects. Center Members and non members are welcome and encouraged to get involved.

Our NIEHS Center’s Profiles is a searchable database of our Member and their publications, grants, and collaborations.  Explore by member name or by topics (keywords). For each Center member you will find grants, publications, concepts, and co-authors.

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Recent Publications

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Pilot Research Projects

Our Center-sponsored Pilot Research Projects encourage innovation and creativity in research, foster new collaborations across departments and institutions, and allow investigators from many disciplines to apply their expertise to environmental health science research. New lines of inquiry and high-risk high-payback projects are encouraged. Pilot Projects are feasibility studies aimed at producing preliminary data to compete for independent funding. – (See Pilot Project Program to apply for funds.)