Diversity and Inclusion

The Nutrition Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formed to promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging across the department. Focus areas include raising awareness of nutrition scholars from under-represented minority backgrounds, developing plans for increased engagement in the community surrounding Harvard Chan, strategizing ways to increase recruitment and retention of students, postdocs, staff, and faculty from under-represented backgrounds, and using surveys and interviews with the Nutrition Department community to better understand different people’s experiences in being a part of our department.

Nutrition Department Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members

Andrea Lopez-Cepero (Postdoctoral Research Fellow), Yiyang Yue (Doctoral Student), Bristian Justice (Financial Specialist), Jeremy Furtado (Senior Research Scientist), Jorge Chavarro (Associate Professor), Kyu Ha Lee (Assistant Professor), Katrina Soriano (Executive Director of Administration), and Erica Kenney (Assistant Professor and chair).