Faculty and Graduate Student Exchanges

The Initiative supports short-term faculty and graduate student exchanges between HSPH and SJRI. The anticipated benefits of the exchanges include:  fostering of a deeper academic relationship between HSPH and SJRI by faculty and student exchanges; the acquisition of mid-career training among junior Indian faculty; the development of new courses in nutrition epidemiology and related topics by SJRI and HSPH faculty; and the acquisition of public health research skills in numerous disciplines by Indian and HSPH graduate students.

Faculty Exchanges.

The primary outcome of the exchanges will be for SJRI faculty to work closely with HSPH faculty to develop courses in nutritional epidemiology and related fields. During the time at HSPH, and through continued communication with HSPH faculty upon returning to India, SJRI faculty will acquire the ability to teach the courses to graduate students at SJRI. SJRI faculty exchange involves enrollment in HSPH intensive courses, and seminar and course guest presentations, mentorship and grant applications. Additionally, SJRI faculty will seek to strengthen their systematic review and multi-level modeling research skills. The Initiative will produce a core faculty at SJRI to deliver a sustainable set of nutrition epidemiology and related courses that are interdisciplinary in nature. These courses will help address a critical gap in public health education and enhance the capacity to train the future public health leaders in India.

In a parallel manner, HSPH faculty have the opportunity for  visiting faculty assignments at SJRI. Successful HSPH candidates will have demonstrated a strong commitment to collaborative research with Indian colleagues. The selected HSPH faculty will provide guest lectures, mentor SJRI junior faculty and students and provide on-site support during long-distance course design and implementation, advance collaborative research, and develop grant applications with SJRI colleagues.

Graduate student exchanges.

SJRI graduate students in health and allied sciences have the opportunity to apply to be a short-term research fellow at HSPH. Successful applicants will enroll in summer or other short-term courses at HSPH in Nutrition, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Global Health, Human Development, and other relevant disciplines. The SJRI students are matched with a mentoring HSPH faculty member who works closely with them on a selected research topic.

In an analogous manner, HSPH students have the opportunity to apply to spend eight weeks at SJRI during their summer internship period to conduct research with SJRI faculty.

All faculty and graduate student applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee.