Funding Resources

The Nutrition Department has incorporated a new policy in which all entering students will be required to complete a grant proposal. This presents an opportunity to gain tangible experience with grant proposal writing and submissions. For the inaugural year, the first year students will be required to complete and submit a proposal early in their second year.

The topic for the proposal ideally would be related to the student’s thesis topic but that is not essential. The earlier students can begin to formulate ideas for their thesis, the better.

Student Proposal Timeline

Early Fall 1st year

  • Meeting with Academic Coordinator regarding funding information and resources.

Throughout 1st year

  • Work with Advisor to identify a topic for proposal submission.
  • The topic should preferably align with thesis topic but that does not necessarily have to be the case.
  • Prepare plan/project during the academic year to work on over the summer.

Fall of 2nd year

  • Apply for fellowship/submit proposal.

*When planning to submit an application, send a notification email to Stefanie Dean, with the following information:

  • Name/source of fund (hyperlink if available)
  • Brief description of proposal idea
  • Application deadline

For access to further resources for current Nutrition Students, please contact Stefanie Dean.