Faculty in the Media 2009

The Good-for-You Gimlet? — coverage from Newsweek.com, December 30, 2009 featuring Eric Rimm Fishing for Facts — coverage from The Boston Globe, December 14, 2009 featuring Eric Rimm Soy Foods Could Help Breast Cancer Survivors — coverage from USA Today, December 10, 2009 featuring Walter Willett Knowing What’s Worth Paying For in Vitamins — coverage … Continue reading “Faculty in the Media 2009”

Faculty in the Media 2008

Is Red Meat’s Bad Name Justified? — coverage from the Los Angeles Times, November 10, 2008 featuring Walter Willett More Than Pickles and Ice Cream: The Link Between Diet and Fertility — coverage and podcast from Scientific American, October 15, 2008 featuring Walter Willett Caffeine, Breast Cancer Link Minimal — coverage from WebMD.com, October 13, 2008 featuring Walter … Continue reading “Faculty in the Media 2008”

Faculty in the Media 2007

Changes to Diet and Lifestyle May Help Prevent Infertility from Ovulatory Disorders — press release of October 31, 2007 featuring Walter Willett and Jorge Chavarro Obesity Nears Smoking As Cancer-Causer — coverage from CBS news, October 31, 2007 featuring Walter Willett Weight Gain Between First and Second Pregnancies Associated With Increased Odds of Second Child … Continue reading “Faculty in the Media 2007”