Healthy Gift Guide — 17 ideas for giving “the gift of health”

Shopping for holiday gifts is at the top of many people’s to-do lists. And while so-called “health nuts” used to be the primary recipients of wellness-boosting presents, the reality is that everyone can benefit from being given “the gift of health.” This holiday season, consider adopting a health theme for your holiday shopping. To help, … Continue reading “Healthy Gift Guide — 17 ideas for giving “the gift of health””

Prioritize Plants For Healthy Holiday Cooking

We created five nourishing dishes that add up to one healthy holiday meal, bursting with delicious flavor. Wow your guests with the variety of colors and flavors, all while serving them nutritious, vegetable-filled fare with minimal meat – better for both you and the environment. You can cook all of the recipes, or pick just … Continue reading “Prioritize Plants For Healthy Holiday Cooking”