5 Quick tips: Staying healthy with alcohol

1. If you don’t drink, there’s no need to start. For some people—especially pregnant women, people recovering from alcohol addiction, people with a family history of alcoholism, people with liver disease, and people taking one or more medications that interact with alcohol—drinking can be dangerous and harmful to health. There are other ways to boost … Continue reading “5 Quick tips: Staying healthy with alcohol”

Exercise Safety

For an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or anyone just starting out on a fitness plan, physical activity does increase the risk of injury. (37) Don’t let that stop you from becoming more active, though. The health benefits of being active far outweigh any risks.

Make exercise a daily habit – 10 tips

Whether you’re looking for motivation to start exercising, or are interested in changing up your current routine, here are 10 tips for making exercise a daily habit.  Piece your workout together. You don’t need to get all your exercise at one time. Ten minutes morning, noon, and night can give much of the same benefit … Continue reading “Make exercise a daily habit – 10 tips”

Tips to lower trans fat intake

1. Read labels carefully and avoid foods with trans fats. 2. Avoid eating commercially prepared baked foods (including cookies, pies, and donuts), snack foods, and processed foods, including fast foods, unless you know they are trans free. 3. When cooking, choose healthier oils such olive, canola, or another liquid vegetable oil. If you desire a … Continue reading “Tips to lower trans fat intake”