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Eggs and cholesterol back in the spotlight in new JAMA study

Not again, you may be thinking if you’ve come across the study by Zhong and colleagues, published in the March 15th issue of JAMA. [1] Their question: Are eggs or cholesterol from foods associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) or deaths from any cause? The study was a pooled analysis of data … Continue reading “Eggs and cholesterol back in the spotlight in new JAMA study”

Incidence of obesity-related cancers is rising in younger adults

In the past few decades, great progress has been made in the fight against cancer. However a disturbing new pattern is emerging in younger adults: the younger the generation, the greater the risk of developing certain cancers—especially obesity-related cancers such as of the colon and pancreas. Several cancers are linked with carrying excess body weight, … Continue reading “Incidence of obesity-related cancers is rising in younger adults”

Roadmap to a healthy and sustainable food future

Despite substantial scientific evidence linking diets with human health and environmental sustainability, historically there’s been a lack of globally-agreed upon targets for healthy diets and sustainable food production. However, on January 17, 2019, the EAT-Lancet Commission (a group of 37 scientists from 16 countries working in the fields of human health, nutrition, economics, agriculture, political sciences, and environmental sustainability) … Continue reading “Roadmap to a healthy and sustainable food future”

Effects of varying amounts of carbohydrate on metabolism after weight loss

Losing weight is hard work, but many people who have lost weight may agree that keeping the weight off can be an even greater challenge. A lack of self-control or a few too many dietary indulgences are often cited as reasons for regaining weight. But a new study in the November issue of BMJ questions … Continue reading “Effects of varying amounts of carbohydrate on metabolism after weight loss”

New Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Although many people view exercise as a way to lose weight, it plays a key role in the wellbeing of the body beyond weight loss. Research strongly supports its benefits across a range of physical and mental health conditions for people of all ages. However, busy lifestyles and an environment that induces sitting for most … Continue reading “New Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans”

5 Quick Tips for Dealing with Sugary Halloween Leftovers

Halloween can be a special time of year for children, but parents may be stressed about sugar overload. Candy is intentionally excluded from the Kid’s Healthy Eating Plate, but one night a year of extra sweetness is not the main problem. The concern is that the candy rarely lasts one night. Leftovers often linger, and … Continue reading “5 Quick Tips for Dealing with Sugary Halloween Leftovers”

PREDIMED Study Retraction and Republication

What Changed, What Didn’t, and the Big Picture On June 13, 2018, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) retracted the 2013 study, “Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases with a Mediterranean Diet,” [1] as a result of error in randomization procedures affecting a portion of participants in the PREDIMED (Prevención con Dieta Mediterránea) trial. Concurrently, … Continue reading “PREDIMED Study Retraction and Republication”

Coffee Warning Label Conflicts With Public Health Guidance

A recent ruling by a Los Angeles County Superior Judge states that all California coffee shops and sellers must warn consumers about the “potential cancer risk” from drinking coffee—a judgment following a lawsuit focused on the specific chemical acrylamide, which has been linked to cancer in rats. However, scientists are adamant that coffee does not … Continue reading “Coffee Warning Label Conflicts With Public Health Guidance”

How Meat Is Cooked May Affect Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

You may have heard that grilling and barbecuing meats may create cancer-causing substances. You may have also heard that eating a lot of red meat—especially processed meats—may be linked to certain cancers. Now, new research suggests a possible connection between high-heat meat cooking and type 2 diabetes. The study, published in Diabetes Care by researchers from … Continue reading “How Meat Is Cooked May Affect Risk of Type 2 Diabetes”

Always Delicious

In Always Delicious, the cookbook companion to Always Hungry?, Dr. David Ludwig teamed up with Chef Dawn Ludwig to create over 175 delicious and easy-to-make dishes. Featuring  “luscious high fat ingredients, savory proteins, and natural carbohydrates,” these recipes focus on quality ingredients designed to help “conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells, and keep the weight off permanently.” Interested in … Continue reading “Always Delicious”