Occ & Env Med Has Lowest Burnout, Highest Work-Life Satisfaction

A 2012 study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that preventive medicine, including occupational and environmental medicine, has the lowest prevalence of physician burnout and the highest prevalence of satisfaction with work-life balance. The researchers were interested in “evaluating rates of burnout among US physicians, exploring differences by specialty, and comparing physicians with US workers in other fields.” The first such national study investigating these questions concluded that “burnout is more common among physicians than among other US workers, and physicians in specialties at the front line of care access seem to be at greatest risk.” Click here for the abstract.

The Atlantic has also published an article by Maureen Miller, “A Burnout Fix: Occupational Health,” on this subject, noting the benefits of preventive medicine/occupational and environmental medicine as a desirable career to prevent burnout, as well as the importance of training physicians to consider worker health and safety, both in themselves and for their patients. Click here for the article.