Classroom Hours and Credit Equivalents

The school defines a credit as the unit of measure for a specific number of classroom hours, with 1.25 credits corresponding to 16 hours of classroom time; see Table 2.2.a, which also provides an estimate of the amount of time students are expected to devote to a course beyond classroom hours.

The academic year comprises two fifteen- sixteen-week semesters (fall and spring), with each semester composed of two seven- eight-week terms (known as Fall1, Fall2, Spring1, and Spring2). Some courses meet for a full semester, others for a single term. The school also offers courses during a three-week period in January, known as WinterSession, and during two intensive three-week terms in the summer (Summer1 and Summer2). Table 2.2.a illustrates weekly classroom-hour requirements for the fall and spring semesters; credit-bearing courses offered in the winter and summer sessions are subject to the same requirements with respect to the total number of classroom hours but are configured differently to accommodate the shorter term length.

Table 2.2.a: