Course Evaluations

CEP sends high and low letters to faculty annually following the timeline below:

  • Winter Session Courses—Letters are sent late February
  • Spring Courses—Letters are sent in late June
  • Summer Courses—Letters are sent in October
  • Fall Courses—Letters are sent in late January

A high rating is an overall rating of 4.8 or higher (on a five-point scale) for courses with less than 70 students, and 4.4 or higher for courses with greater than 70 students. Instructors of courses that receive a high rating are sent a letter of congratulations from the chair of the CEP, and department chairs are notified of the course’s high rating.

A low rating is an overall rating of 3.9 or lower (on a five-point scale.) Consistent poor course performance (as evidenced by student evaluations, peer review, and/or other means of course review) is subject to CEP oversight.

The results of the previous year’s online course evaluations and the exit survey are compiled into department education reports that are distributed by the Office of Education to department chairs in the fall.

Link here to access the Harvard Chan Course Evaluations.