Course Management Guidelines and Forms


CEP supports the course proposal, course change, and course cancellation processes in coordination with department and program faculty and administrators, Registrar’s Office, and Curriculum Center. Additionally, CEP participates in the biannual course offering process. Outlined below are guidelines, policies, and materials, faculty and department administrators may need if proposing a new course, changing a course, canceling a course, or completing the biannual course offering process. Click on one of the action buttons below for more information.

For a comparison of CEP and Registrar’s Office deadlines for the Summer, Fall, and Spring terms, click here.

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Annual Course Offering Process Proposing a New Course
Making a Change to a Course Canceling a Course
Travel and Field Trip Courses Teaching Eligibility
Proposing a Degree or Field of Study Discontinuing a Degree or Field of Study
CEP Policies Course Management Forms