Course Changes

Course changes at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are categorized as either a major or minor change by submitting an electronic change form through my.harvard.  Each category has separate requirements for requesting and processing the change. A major change must be submitted to and approved by CEP before being processed by the Registrar’s Office. A minor change can be performed by a Course Scheduling Liaison and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Guidelines on Requesting a Major Change to a Course

  1. All changes must be made on an electronic course form in my.harvard
  2. The following changes cannot be made after the first day of the course’s enrollment:
    • Any of these above changes would require approval by Registrar’s office and CEP.
  3. All major course changes should be emailed to

Major v. Minor Changes

Major Changes

All major course changes require the submission of an electronic form to the CEP.

Major course changes include:

  • Reactivating a temporarily canceled course
  • Any substantial changes
    • Different title
    • Course description
    • Significant changes to content (if the change is extremely significant, departments may be asked to create a new course)
    • Change in credit hours
    • Changing from one term to two terms with a change in credit hours
    • Changing the number of class meetings without a change in credit units
  • Change of in-person to online course (mode of delivery)
  • Changing the instructor or adding a new instructor
  • Addition of/change to travel requirements (field trip)
  • Course category
  • Change of enrollment limit (if limit is significantly reduced)

Minor Changes

Until the course change deadline has passed, Course Scheduling Liaisons can make minor changes directly in the site. Note that after the meeting times have been approved by the department, any changes to meeting times require RO review and may not be approved. There are, however, certain minor changes that require submission of an electronic form to the Registrar’s Office.

These do not require CEP approval and include:

  • Slight changes to course title or course description
  • Increasing enrollment capacity
  • Priority Waves
  • Meeting times
  • Class notes
  • Instructor consent
  • Grading basis
  • Changes to enrollment requirements (pre-requisites, restrictions)
  • Changes from one session to two sessions, or changing to a new session, with no change in credit hours
  • Changes to course component/structure (eg creating or removing labs) (may require CEP approval depending on requested change)
  • Changes to class attributes (e.g. available for XREG)
  • Setting up combined sections (a.k.a. jointly offered courses)
  • Change in room or room requirements
  • Adding or removing class sections (may require CEP approval depending on requested change)

If you do not see the type of change you would like to make, please email both CEP and Registrar’s Office for clarification.