Interdisciplinary Concentrations

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health offers a variety of interdisciplinary or interdepartmental concentrations. These concentrations are non-degree programs designed to deepen students’ experience in academic or professional areas aligned with their career goals. Some concentrations are restricted to students in certain programs and/or MPH fields of study.

These interdisciplinary concentrations do not replace the MPH and field of study requirements. Students interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary concentration are encouraged to compare their degree requirements with those of the interdisciplinary concentration. Students unable to meet all requirements of the interdisciplinary concentration often find value in participating in as many of the experiential learning opportunities (courses, seminars, workshops, etc.) as feasible to enhance and hone their knowledge and skills. The interdisciplinary concentration does not appear on the student’s diploma or transcript.

Harvard Chan Interdisciplinary Concentrations

To learn more about the School’s interdisciplinary concentrations, as well as the requirements, visit the links below.

Health Communication

Humanitarian Studies, Ethics, and Human Rights

Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Maternal and Child Health

Nutrition and Global Health

Obesity Epidemiology and Prevention

Population Mental Health

Public Health Leadership / Public Health Leadership Lab

Women, Gender, and Health