MPH Field of Study: Nutrition

MPH-65 NUT Field of Study Requirements – Supplemental Information

For MPH-65 Nutrition students, the list of possible areas of interest and courses for fulfilling the depth in a specific nutrition area of interest requirement is posted below. Within any of these areas of interest, or another approved area, you can seek approval of other courses, including cross-registered courses. If you have an idea for another area of interest, please discuss this with the field of study leader, Chris Golden. If approved, documentation must be forwarded via email to and Stef Dean for degree auditing purposes.

Students are required to take 3 courses (7.5 credits minimum) in one area. Please note that some courses have limited enrollment and students in other fields of study/degree programs may have priority enrollment in courses offered by their academic department/field of study.








Last updated 08.10.2022