Students in the MPH in Epidemiology should follow the academic calendar for dates and deadlines regarding when to register for classes each semester.

Enrolling in your courses is easy! Click Here for Directions.

Students should register on their my.harvard student portal. To log into my.harvard a student will need their HarvardKey (HUID and PIN). Remember after logging into my.harvard you will need to:

1. Add courses to your cart.

2. Some courses may require instructor permission. If they do, request permission. Once permission is granted, you must go back to add yourself to the course. Just because you request permission the system will not add you to the course automatically.

3. Validate your cart. This checks for scheduling errors and other types of conflicts.

4. Enroll in your classes. This is like checking out at the grocery store, otherwise you just have a cart full of item.

This section of the website is updated with information about the upcoming and current registration. Should there be concerns applicable to all MPH-EPI student registration these notification would appear on this page.

Spring 2022 Registration Information

Registration begins on Thursday, January 6th at 11:00 am ET.

Students in the following cohorts should register for the specific courses listed.

Students Graduating in May 2022

Students must register for the following course:

EPI 945S: Practicum and Culminating Experience for the MPH in Epidemiology  (2.5 or 5 credits)

Students can count EPI 945S for either 2.5 or 5 credits. Counting the practicum for 5 credits during the Spring semester will allow students to take one less elective during the second year of the program. Students who have at least 10 credits of elective coursework throughout the MPH-EPI program should count their practicum in the Spring 2022 semester for 2.5 credits.

MPH in Epidemiology online electives 2nd year students can choose are:

BST 215: Linear and Longitudinal Regression (2.5 credits)
EPI 288: Introduction to Machine Learning and Risk Prediction (2.5 credits)
EPI 529: Applications of Epidemiology (1.25 credits)
HPM 506: Practical Scientific Methods for Improving Health and Health Care (2.5 credits)
RDS 202: Decision Science for Public Health (2.5 credits)

Students Graduating in May 2023

Students must register for the following courses:

EPI 524: Confounding Control: A Component for Causal Inference (2.5 credits, Spring 1)
EPI 525: Study Designs for Epidemiologists (2.5 credits, Spring 2)

Please note: All student holds will have to be cleared in to order to register for courses.

Registration Notes for Current Semester

There are currently no notes for registration in the fall semester. Please check back periodically for updates.

If you have any issues registering for courses, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or at 617-432-1032 as the Registrar’s Office oversee the my.harvard system and course issues.