Frequently Asked Questions – Teaching Fellows

Who Can Serve as a Teaching Fellow?

Masters and Doctoral students are eligible to apply for Teaching Fellow positions. Students in a doctoral degree program may have a Teaching Fellow Requirement. We recommend you reach out to your academic administrator or consult your program curriculum guide for more details.

Which Courses Receive Teaching Fellows?

The number of TFs assigned to a course is determined by departments, based on enrollment and anticipated duties. TFs are not usually assigned to special topics courses. We recommend that you check with the department offering the course as there may be varying course requirements for appointing TFs.

How Can I Find Teaching Fellow Positions That Are Currently Available?

To inquire about possible TF opportunities, we recommend reaching out to the faculty of courses you have taken and/or to specific departments. Each academic department is responsible for hiring appointed teaching fellows. For further information, contact the department academic administrator.

Are there any restrictions for becoming a Teaching Fellow?

Generally, a Teaching Fellow should have some prior knowledge of the course content. However, there may be specific TF or Course Administrator opportunities where previous knowledge is not a requirement.

Does the School Provide Any Training for Teaching Fellows?

The School strongly encourages departments to require all first-time TFs to participate in the Schoolwide TF training sessions. The Office of Educational Programs offers TF training sessions twice during the academic year (early in September and in early January). In addition, the office provides ongoing support opportunities and additional training opportunities for TFs during the academic year. Additional information is posted on the TF Workshops and Training Website.

What is the Current Wage for Teaching Fellows?

The current Harvard Graduate Student Union contract has developed guidelines for departments on minimum pay scale rates. Please refer to the following link that lays out the specifics of the union contract.

When Can I Expect to Receive Compensation Once I Become a Teaching Fellow?

The academic department associated with the course is responsible for processing your payment. TFs who are members of the Harvard Graduate Student Union will need to fill out a hiring contract prior to receiving payment. First-time TFs may also need to submit additional paperwork in order to be registered in the University’s payment system. Department administrators will be in touch with each TF prior to the start of the semester regarding hiring contracts and employment paperwork.