TF Workshops & On-Going Support

TF Training Workshops are offered twice during the academic year (before Fall and Spring semesters). These sessions are mandatory for new TFs, and returning TFs are more than welcome to join again. TFs are also encouraged to engage in any other pedagogy and skills-based training offered throughout the academic year to enhance their effectiveness in their positions.

Harvard Chan Fall 2022 TF Training Workshop

Click here to register for the Fall 2022 TF Training Workshop

The Harvard Chan School of Public Health requires that new Teaching Fellows attend the schoolwide online TF Training Workshop prior to the start of their appointment. The Fall 2022 TF training will have both synchronous and asynchronous components for students to learn about common TF roles and responsibilities, university policies, and more. Specifically, the asynchronous components will include approximately an hour’s worth of recorded informational content across a variety of topics (similar to past training topics) and will be followed up by two evenings of interactive synchronous sessions prior to the start of the Fall term scheduled on Monday, August 22nd from 6:00-8:30pm EDT and Wednesday, August 24th from 6:00-8:15pm EDT.

If you have secured a TF position or hope to have a TF position in the Fall 2022 semester, please sign-up via the above registration link no later than August 22nd at 12pm ET.

During the week of August 15th, you will be provided access to the Fall 2022 TF Training and Orientation canvas site where you will find the asynchronous training materials, links to the synchronous training sessions, and any important notifications in advance of the training. Registering before this time will allow access to the training materials and any important notifications in advance of the training.

The topics for this training will include: Faculty members sharing their experiences working with TF’s and the value TF’s bring to the teaching and learning experience at HSPH, Supporting Students Academically and Personally, Establishing a Good Working Relationship with Faculty, Value of Rubrics & Grading Across Disciplines, Engaging Diverse Groups of Learners, and Canvas Tips & Tricks.

TF’s are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Educational Programs at with any questions.

On-Going Support for Teaching Fellows

Canvas support: feel free to send an email any time to Instructional Technology at

Office Hours with Pedagogy Fellows: The Pedagogy Fellows one-on-one office hours are designed to support teaching fellows, course assistants, and other instructional staff members throughout the semester with tailored advice and resources. For more information click here.

Derek Bok Center: Where eligible, TFs can attend sessions run by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), in partnership with the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning (see: