Faculty Focus

Monthly Articles on Teaching Excellence

January 2020

How to Make the Best of Bad Course Evaluations
Manya Whitaker, PhD


December 2019

How to Fix the Dreaded Survey Course
Kevin Gannon, PhD


November 2019

Midcourse Feedback: A Great Idea
Maryellen Weimer, PhD



October 2019

Instructional Design Basics
Kristin Zista Strange



September 2019

11 Steps to Planning a Course You’ve Never Taught
Megan Pietruszewski



August 2019

How to Turn a Check for Plagiarism Into a Teachable Moment
Amel Ben Abdesslem, PhD



July 2019

Status Update: Changing the Way we Deliver Instruction
Stefanie R. Sorbet, EdD



March 2019

The Almond Joy of Providing Feedback to Students
Kimberly Chappell, EdD



February 2019

Between the Lines of Our Pedagogy
Linda Shadiow, PhD, and Maryellen Weimer, PhD



January 2019

Seven Things to Consider Before Developing Your Online Course
Brian Udermann, PhD


December 2018

Assessment for Learning: It Just Makes Sense
Cathy Box, PhD


November 2018

Design Problems for Problem-based Learning
Nachamma Sockalingam PhD



October 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of Different Types of Test Questions
Maryellen Weimer, PhD



August 2018

Opening Intentions for the First Day of Class
Lawrence M. Lesser, PhD


July 2018

Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful
Mary Clement EdD.


June 2018

Small Changes in Teaching
James M. Lang



May 2018

Responding to Microaggression in the Classroom: Taking ACTION
Tasha Souza, PhD


April 2018

Why Some Students Struggle with Group Work
Flower Darby


March 2018

Deeper Thinking about Active Learning
Maryellen Weimer, PhD


February 2018

Group vs. Collaborative Learning: Knowing the Difference Makes a Difference
Jane A. Scheuermann


January 2018

Creating the Space for Engaged Discussions
Kevin Gannon, PhD



December 2017

Meaningful Learning Through One-on-One Conferences
Megan Von Bergen



November 2017

Three Ideas for Implementing Learner Reflection
Li-Shih Huang PhD



October 2017

Could Your Assignments Use a Tune-Up?
Maryellen Weimer PhD



September 2017

Getting Students to Take Responsibility for Learning
Maryellen Weimer PhD



August 2017

Teacher Characteristics and Behaviors that Make a Difference
Maryellen Weimer PhD



July 2017

First Day of Class Activity that Create a Climate for Learning

Maryellen  Weimer PhD

June 2017

The Benefits of Peer Learning

Maryellen Weimer PhD